February 12, 2008

Where Do You Go To, My Lovelies?

So I've been wondering where the infamous "Bush Cabal" will go after Dubya quits the scene. And it looks like they are all just morphing seamlessly into John McCain supporters... for now at least.

MoJo Blog has details of Dubya, Jeb and Karl Rove all saying sweet things about the old "Maverick" McCain. And the GOP hardliners are already busy trying to destroy all opposition to their new star candidate.

Is this the hawks' last hurrah, as Laura Rozen suggests?
While their numbers were strong, the hawks this year appeared less confident about their influence on Washington's foreign policy, and resentful of an American bureaucracy perceived by many attendees as having hijacked Iran policy from the weakening grasp of the White House.
I like this quote from Jon Alterman:
"There's frustration with the realism of the last months of the Bush administration."
A McCain presidency would, of course, give these hawks a whole new lease on life. Can they pull it off? And would McCain really be stupid enough to bomb Iran?

I have welcomed McCain as the GOP candidate, largely because I think he is their worst possible choice and, as such, totally, emphatically unelectable. At least with Dubya back in 2000, US voters could defend themselves by arguing that they didn't really know what he stood for. But if the USA elects McCain to the White House, the whole country has really gone officially bananas, and it will be time for the international community to gently put Uncle Sam into a strait jacket, and a padded cell.

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