February 21, 2008

Is John McCain Really "The One"?

Josh Marshall recently suggested that top-flight Dems should be putting together a team to attack John McCain while Hillary and Obama battle it out. He was worried that McCain is getting an easy ride now that he has the GOP nomination sewn up. But is he really home and hosed?

Today Juan Cole launches a blistering (and entertaining) attack on McCain's record. And now the NYT reveals that McCain has had an overly close, possibly romantic, involvement with a young female lobbyist.

NYT kindly suggests that "his confidence in his own integrity has sometimes seemed to blind him to potentially embarrassing conflicts of interest". Now that's priceless comedy gold.

I'll go back to "not blogging" now, just as soon as I post these photos of Vicki Iseman naked in a hot tub... with Britney Spears AND Paris Hilton!

(That should guarantee me a few hits).


Bukko_in_Australia said...

You're assuming people would WANT to see Iseman naked? From the pic in the NYT, she looks like the typical plasticene, "Stepord Wife" style, white-bread-and-mayonnaise-sandwich Southern belle favoured by the country-club Rethuglican set. Like a woman who made porn films in the 20s until her bits got too sore, but the multiple facelifts have not yet fallen.

Plus, most of the rest of the world does not focus on chilli sauce like Australians do. (I like the stuff, but never saw it in the U.S.) You might get more hits if you put "Vicki Iseman naked in a tub of Jello." (Which is what WE call it. "Jelly" is a fruit substance you spread on toast...)

gandhi said...

Thanks for the valuable tip, Bukko. I'll give it a try... !

gandhi said...

Hmmn. I did a google search for "tub of jello" and there wasn't much of offer, so I've gone for the more generic "hot tub" instead. I'm tempted to put the word "lesbian" in there somewhere, but that could cause filtering software blockages.

From what I've seen, GOP politicians are not all that worried about the pulchritude of their female pinups - I think they are all just happy to get laid without having to pay for it or bribe someone. I'm saying this with rather horrendous visions of Ketherine Harris and HArriet Myers in mind.... plus Bush's long-time shag, Condi, whose appearance has set new standards in "haggard" as it deteriorates over the years... I guess a tormented soul and an accompanying lack of sleep and/or recurrent nightmares will do that to you.

Or maybe it's just the sheer, unrelenting unhappiness?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

These over-makeupped china dolls are typical of the Republican style of sexuality, especially when it comes to the Texans and other Southerners I knew. The women look hot, but they're cold to the touch. You probably don't have it so bad here because the sexual stranglehold of religiously based "Thou shalt not" has been loosening in the past two generations. Still strong in the U.S.; part of the cultural DNA.

For the GOP types, "shame" is the operative word when it comes to sex. They WANT it, frequently in ways that would offend their ostensible moral sensibilities. But their shamed super-egos forbid it. They project their depraved desires onto everyone else, as if we're all pervs. Then they go about saying "shame on all of you." And that leads to the unhappiness.

Dems, of course, are just as pervy as rightists. They just don't have the layer of self-imposed guilt about what they do.

gandhi said...

I was raised as a Catholic, so I can easily relate to what you are saying Bukko. It's one of the reasons why US citizens should all go spend some time overseas. Europe has come a long way, even countries like Spain and Italy - maybe the USA will get there one day?

Seems to me the holier-than-thou repressed shame stuff actually masks a LACK of genuine spirituality. It's all for show.


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