February 17, 2008

LA Voting Irregularities

As reported at TPM. Strange that this again seems to have (at least mostly) gone Hillary's way. Very strange.

Remember when Hillary came from behind in New Hampshire? A UK enquiry heard that Rupert Murdoch phoned his London papers that night telling them to "hold the front page" because the results were going to be surprising.

Nothing criminal about that, of course... Even if Murdoch (who owns FOX) has long been a rabid neocon supporter and pre-emptive Iraq War champion. And of course he has said a lot of nice things about Hillary... (more here).

Even in NH, purely on the voting machine side of things, quite a few people were suspicious back then.

And then Hillary's Super Tuesday better market odds took a very sharp last-minute turn when lots of "inside" money came in.

I'm not saying the system is rigged: I'm saying the system is a JOKE!

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Big Dan said...

...strange that ALL vote anomalies have gone Hillary's way! Why isn't "the big picture" being reported on? New Hampshire, she was the "comeback kid", Obama got ZERO votes in some Harlen precincts, etc...


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