February 11, 2008

Where Now For the Bush Coalition?

It looks like the Bush GOP is degenerating into farce as they approach the November election. I mean, GOP candidates complaining about vote-rigging? C'mon! We've also seen big-note wingnut windbags like Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter slamming the party's nominal candidate, John "Bomb Bomb" McCain. So my question is this: where is the Bush Coalition going?

For some time, I have been concerned about what we anti-Bush activist might call the next incarnation of the cabal which brought Dubya to power. All this "anti-Bush" talk about "Bush Co" and the "Bushites" and so forth will be out-of-date once Bush is gone, and since he is clearly just a puppet leader, pushed forward as a cheerleading front-man for his backers, I have long thought that we progressive activists need a more all-encompassing term for our very powerful enemies.

Now it is starting to look like the opportunistic coalition which brought Bush to power - including Christian fundamentalists, the military-industrial complex, and Big Oil - might be breaking apart.

I suspect that is largely due to genuine Christian concerns about the continuing chaos and death in Iraq: the Christian evangelist leaders need to take their base's concerns on board. To this extent, the battle between McCain and Huckabee can perhaps be seen as a stark example of the battle for the GOP's dead, grey soul.

So what happens next? Does Bush's GOP degenerate into a farcical parody of itself, as has happened with Blair's New Labor and Howard's Liberals? Where do the power-brokers and Big Money men who brought us Bush go then?


Marcus said...

"Where do the power-brokers and Big Money men who brought us Bush go then?"

Follow the money, who has gotten the most bribes from the military industrial complex, Wall St., big pharma, insurance? Hillary. And Barack gets his share. Whether or not they have the fundamentalist Christians on the team doesn't matter. The Empire will march onwards.

gandhi said...

I'm fully expecting a President Hillary or Obama to be compromised to the earholes. I know Big Business will just suck on like a leech to whoever has the power to give them what they want.

But I'm talking about the GOP bigwigs here. Cheney's political friend, for example - do they all go into private business for the next 4 years?

I'm also talking about the real whack-jobs, the dangerous crazies, the neocons and their Israeli lobby terrorist friends, the warmongers who brought us Iran-Contra and Falluja...

It would be nice to think that unholy alliance that brought us The Bush Cabal might be ruptured once and for all, but it's more likely just going to fragment for a bit, and reassemble at a later date like one of those hideous B-grade movie monsters that can never be killed.

What's needed, of course, is major investigations followed by the accountability of jail cells for all these criminals. Again, I cannot see Hillary or Obama doing that any time soon.

Then there's the mercenary armies - where do they go? Will Blackwater just lay off 10,000 staff, or go looking for new wars of their own? Will they sow violent discontent across the USA just to keep the chequebooks pumping credits?

And the GOP as a wholly discredited "brand" - can it survive the coming ignominy of a massive defeat? If it were a private company (heh) they would at least be contemplating a name change and a new logo.


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