February 01, 2008

Lunatics Running The Asylum: Top Bush Officials Work The Wingnut Blogs

I guess that if it makes sense that Tony Snow is sending personal memos to Tim Blair, and George W. Bush is quoting the Fadhil brothers for proof of success in Iraq, then sure, why wouldn't the wingnut Power Line blog be getting emails from Philip Zelikow?

Zelikow is trying to finger Tenet for torturing suspects and not giving his 911 Commission evidence. Like that would have changed everything. Ri-i-ight...?

Let's not talk about that other stuff... (see below).


Anonymous said...

Let me school you on something. There is no sinister, backslapping cabal that looks after their own when they're poorly. Here's how Tony Snow came to write to Tim Blair:

Tim Blair is an internationally known and read blogger whose blogposts are frequently linked to by sites such as Instapundit, Powerline and LGF. These are the heavyweights of the rightwing blogosphere, as I'm sure you'll agree.

Tim Blair discovers he has cancer, and informs his readers of the fact via a post on his blog.

Many people read this post (including the heavyweights such as LGF, Instapundit etc) and like normal human beings, these folk and many people wish him well on their own blogs. I know for a fact that Instapundit and LGF put up a blogpost wishing him "all the best".

Tony Snow read about Tim Blair's cancer on one of these very popular sites (there is a small chance that TS is a regular "lurker" or anonymous poster at Blair's, however this is unlikely), because Tony Snow is an informed and accomplished human being who keeps abreast with what's being bandied about in the blogosphere. He probably also visits a number of the popular left-wing blogs in an effort to remain up-to-date. Many, many people of all political persuasions do this - it's called keeping your ear to the ground. The blogosphere matters.

Anyway, whilst doing the above, Snow comes across a post about Tim Blair's cancer, and, as a fellow sufferer, clicks on the link to read about it. He also sees Tim's clearly displayed e-mail address on his blog, and decides to drop him a quick note of encouragement. Pretty standard behaviour, right?

Not according to you; in fact it's some puerile conspiracy theory. Oh for god's sake grow up. By your utterly uncharitable and ugly assumption about Tony Snow's motives for contacting a fellow cancer sufferer, you're denying that man's humanity. Snow's a human being who got sick and subsequently feels empathy with people who are going through a similar ordeal. "Gandhi", (what a joke) you're denying that man his humanity. That's the way the the top Nazis were able to motivate enough people to be complicit in the culling of 6 million Jews. Nice company you're in, right?

You really need to take a good hard look in the mirror. Look at what you've become. Time to make some changes, eh?

gandhi said...


If I am not the man I once was, you might want to ask yourself what changed me.

And if I (who was banned and labelled a troll the first and only time I even posted a comment at Tim Blair's blog, BTW) have become thus radicalized, however modestly, then you might want to ask yourself how all those people in Iraq and Afghanistan, whose families and friends have been killed, whose houses have been bombed, whose daughters have been raped, whose country has been decimated, are feeling.

And whose fault is that?

Winter Patriot said...

wow! I guess you got told!!

if there's more pathetic than a know-nothing anonymous asshole, it's a know-nothing anonymous condescending asshole!

some bloggers just attract 'em, G.

dunno why!


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