February 01, 2008

The Truth Will Out

Testimony of a US ex-marine, who went to fight in Iraq:
"I was a psychopathic murderer because I was trained to kill. I was not born with that mentality. It was the Marines that trained me to be a gangster in the interest of US corporations, a criminal. They trained me to fulfill, without thinking, the orders of the President of the United States and bring him what he asked for, without any moral consideration..."


Mr. Natural said...

I wandered into your blog from a comment you left at Eschaton the other day. Great blog ya got here!

Good post. I am 61. Got out in 69. I knew a few of the Empire's Soldiers in my day. It sounds as if this particular marine is one of the Thinking Marines. They sell it with the flashy all american ads on the teevee. Country boys, innercity youngs go in with delusions - come out dead or like this one. What a sad place this America has become. We have not learned a goddamned thing in over 200 years, except maybe that might makes right. Sad.

gandhi said...

Thanks Mr Natural. Sad is what it is. But the worse it gets, the more potential for improvement!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

You know why the U.S. should be scared, Gandhi? Because there are a million men with all of the anger and psychic dysfunction of this guy, but none of his insight, who are going to be set loose in American society. Every one of them a trained killer, a ticking bomb. Not all will go off. But the ones who do will bring the karma back home to the U.S.

gandhi said...

One can only hope that the experience of Vietnam Vets provides a model for them all to get organised, get informed, get angry, and get active.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

If they do, don't forget the "get slandered" part like what happened to John Kerry in the 2004 campaign. It will be interesting to see if it transpires with John McCain, should he become the GOP nominee. There was already a slime attack from the right about his "cowardly, traitorous revelation of top-secret military information while a POW" in the South Carolina primary. Will the Democrats stoop so low? Will fascist wingnuts do a "SwiftPOWs for Truth" ad blitz?


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