February 01, 2008

Questions For Zelikow And Rove

9/11 Citizenswatch calls for subpoenas:
There need to be hearings now about this deeply compromised commission. Rove and Zelikow must be issued subpoenas, as should the telecom companies to get their cell phone records of all communications between Zelikow and senior officials at the White House. Accountability and transparency are hallmarks of a healthy government beholden to the people it serves. With this Commission we got neither and as a result the entire Commission Report must be called into question. A new investigation is now required to do what the Zelikow Commission did not do, fulfill its mandate to provide a "full accounting of the facts and circumstances" surrounding the September 11th attacks.

9/11 CitizensWatch, which I served as Co-Director, was the first to formally call for the resignation of Zelikow, closely followed by the Jersey widows of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee. We were far more right and justified than we even knew at the time. And now that we know this about Zelikow and we know that the Commission failed to answer 70% of the questions posed by the Family Steering Committee the case is now clear the U.S. Government must convene a new investigation, this time, co-chaired by a member of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee and a formally appointed public advocate who sits with the Commissioners. But first hearings are in order and should be conducted immediately by the House Oversight Committee and Senate Government Affairs Committee. It's time to do right by the victims, their families and the nation and re-open this 9/11 investigation. Chairman Kean and Vice-Chair Hamilton should be called upon to fully support this new investigation in light of their betrayal of their promise to conduct a full and fair independent investigation.

9/11 CitizensWatch will soon issue an open letter to the Congress on this issue. And one to the former Commissions and staff. Look for it ahead of the release of Shenon's book on the 5th.


Kyle F. Hence
9/11 Citizenswatch

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

I haven't been following every tick-tock of this story, but I did notice that all the Washington Post had about it in today's online edition was an Associated Press story about the issue based on a review of the Phillip Shenon book. A check of the Post with keywords of "Zelikow contacts Rove" showed only one other story, also by AP. Not staff-written, just wire service stuff, buried on the inside pages.

I grew up reading the Washington Post because my dad was often based at the Pentagon or other D.C. area postings. Woodward and Bernstein were my role models when I went to journalism school. The old Post would have been all over this, unrevealed contacts between a White House advisor thug and someone who was investigating a crime involving megadeaths. And all it merits now are two wire stories... To quote the tile of a song by my favourite Aussie group, the Hoodoo Gurus, "the mighty have fallen."

It's stuff like this that makes me give up hope for the U.S. Actually, I gave up hope long ago, or else I wouldn't be here. So I should say it affirms my loss of hope. If crimes can be revealed, and no one does anything about them; the media does nothing to scream for justice, then justice will not be done and future crimes will be committed.

How long until it all falls apart? Or will it ever? Perhaps evil will continue to reign supreme, as in "1984."


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