February 06, 2008

Sibel Edmonds Must be Heard!

Philip Giraldi:
Article III of the Constitution of the United States defines treason as giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. This has been interpreted by US courts to include the selling or betrayal of defense secrets to foreign powers. Sibel Edmonds is talking about treason at the highest levels of the United State government and it is clear that a cover up is going on orchestrated by the Bush Administration that is being aided and assisted by an acquiescent media. It is time that Sibel's voice be heard.
Giraldi shoots down reasons given by sceptics for ignoring Sibel. But if we accepting Sibel's info as legit, what does it all mean? One HuffPo commenter has a stab at a guess:
It seems highly implausible that Marc Grossman and other neocons were spreading nuclear secrets for money, as the small payoff does not square with the big penalty (hanging for treason) if they were not following very senior orders.

So, if they were following very senior orders to intentionally spread nuclear weapons technology, what does this mean?

In general terms we could only be sure that:

1. A 'faction', other than the supposed Constitutionally mandated federal government pledged to uphold American interests, is at play. Perhaps a global corporatist Empire behind this facade of 'Vichy America'.

2. That purposefully and overtly spreading nuclear weapons technology serves some interest not normally understood by most governments in a non-proliferation-centric "reality-based" world.
Well, I doubt Grossman and friends would get a "small payoff" for selling nuclear weapons to rogue states. But the real money would probably be made later, in selling competing technology to terrified neighboring states. So who gains here is the US military-industrial complex, who just happen to be running the government right now.


Dano said...

on point 2: They do have a population to control, and they havn't had a serious cleansing in over 60 years, just a few handwashings.

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Constructive input is appreciated.


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