February 19, 2008

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After reading Glenn Greenwald today I am just going to re-post my latest comment from this TPM thread:
I couldn't agree less, JTHB. You are totally on the back foot.

I mean, listen to yourself:

The biggest fight we have to keep fighting is against the conspiracy theorists who make unfounded claims of criminal activity.

So you think people like me are your biggest problem? Really?

Haven't you noticed how many of these "Conspiracy Theories" have come true over the past eight years? WMDs? Pat Tillman? Torture? Gulags? Wiretapping? ETC!

No wonder the Democrats haven't stopped the war! No wonder the US voting system remains a farce!

My claims are not at all unfounded. I can easily produce dozens of URLs to back up claims of widespread electoral malfeasance over many years.

Now, given this long and sad history of vote-rigging, it is people like you, well-meaning people who nevertheless yearn to imagine that nothing can or will or does go wrong, that are really creating an impediment to progress.

You wanna wait till AFTER the vote has been stolen before you start pointing fingers? That didn't work too well in 2000 or 2004, did it?

What are you afraid of? Let's see...

Those claims become the easily dismissed target of the thuggery and their collaborators.
Yes, it is ridiculous that so important an issue can be so easily sidetracked but there it is.

So basically you are worried that Karl Rove will laugh at you? Or you will lose all your hard-won Credibility in the eyes of the People Who Matter?

Karl Rove doesn't need to bother attacking you, mate: you are already scared of your own shadow!

Get over it. This is a comments thread! I am sharing ideas and information. You don't like it? Bully for you, sport.

Of course I know that Josh Marshall and Obama are not going to repeat these sorts of claims until and unless people like you and me can put some meat on the bone. But I really, really wish they would, you know? I wish they would come right out and call Dubya a Fascist War Criminal. I wish they would SHAKE THE FRICKIN' TREE and see what happens...

Sure, the wingnuts will laugh their stupid asses off. But hardly anybody even cares what they think any more, and nobody ever got killed by Snark.

The Emperor has no clothes. Let's stop pretending that he does.

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